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Host a Fusion Summer Social with Sokē & Soula Cocktails

Host a Fusion Summer Social with Sokē & Soula Cocktails

Summer evenings are perfect for gatherings with friends, refreshing drinks, and lively conversations. Elevate your next backyard bash with an exciting Asian-Mexican fusion theme. With Sokē, a canned sake cocktail, and Soula, a canned Margarita, your drink choices will be as thrilling and refreshing as your food. Here’s your guide to hosting an unforgettable fusion summer social.

Drink Delights

Drinks are the life of the party, setting the mood and sparking conversations. Make your event shine with innovative cocktails blending Asian and Mexican flavors.

Sokē Cocktails: Crafted with premium ingredients, Sokē sake cocktails are smooth and refreshing, perfect with a variety of dishes and the artistic cans make a great conversation starter. Available in Asian fruit flavors like yuzu ginger, white peach, lychee, and cherry blossom, these canned sake sodas cater to all palates. Plus, at only 140 calories per serving and 5% ABV, they offer a refreshing and enjoyable drinking experience—without the next-day hangover.

Soula Cocktails: These canned cocktails blend traditional Mexican flavors with a modern twist. Made with natural ingredients and only 140 calories, they are a healthier option to traditional calorie-rich margaritas. At only 5% ABV they are perfect for those who want a flavorful yet mindful drinking experience. These low calorie margarita’s come in classic lime, pineapple-chili, mango citrus, and paloma pairs well with various foods.

Pro Tip: Chill both Sokē and Soula in a cooler with plenty of ice to keep them refreshing all evening.

Fun and Games

Keeping your guests entertained is essential. Here are some ideas to keep the fun going:

  • Karaoke: Friends that sing together, stay together! Bring out the inner stars in your guests with a karaoke setup.
  • Fusion Dance: Teach simple dance steps from Asian and Mexican traditions. Encourage guests to let loose and enjoy the rhythm.
  • Cocktail Tasting: Set up a tasting station where guests can sample and learn about the different Sokē and Soula cocktails, sparking conversations and new discoveries.

Fusion Feast

While socializing is the focus, offering fusion snacks will enhance the experience.

  • Sushi & Tacos: Easy to eat and packed with flavor, perfect for mingling.
  • Edamame Guacamole: A unique twist on a classic dip, great for casual snacking.
  • Spring Rolls & Taquitos: Bite-sized and delicious, ideal for guests to enjoy while socializing.

Smooth Sailing

Ensure your event runs seamlessly with these tips:

  • Prep Ahead: Prepare snacks and set up drink stations before guests arrive to allow more time for socializing.
  • Self-Serve Stations: Set up self-serve stations for drinks and snacks, enabling guests to help themselves and mingle freely.
  • Stay Relaxed: Your enjoyment is key to a successful event. Delegate tasks and take breaks to relax and enjoy the evening with your guests.


Hosting an Asian-Mexican fusion summer backyard social is a fantastic way to bring friends together for an evening of engaging conversations, fun activities, and delightful drinks. By focusing on unique beverages like Sokē and Soula, you create a memorable experience for everyone.

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