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Our story

At the core of Spirited Brands are Anita and Melanie, bound not only by business but by a shared passion for cocktails and a commitment to a healthy, active lifestyle. Anita's Mexican heritage and expertise in crafting exceptional cocktails laid the foundation for Soula and Soke, a venture born out of a desire to share these unique creations with the world.

Together, Anita and Melanie envisioned a new paradigm in cocktail experiences. They recognized a consumer demand for more than just beverages—bold, innovative flavors were sought, all while being mindful of alcohol and calorie intake. 

Cue in Soula and Soke premium canned cocktails, each using a premium handcrafted agave wine from the Blue Weber agave plants in Jalisco, Mexico (Soula) or a legacy Japanese Junmai sake recipe that’s brewed for more than 300 years (Soke). Each ingredient and flavors were carefully curated to meet the strictest of ingredient guidelines of natural grocers, and no artificial sweeteners are used.

As a result, each of their canned cocktails boasts lower alcohol (5% ABV), fewer calories (140) than the leading canned alternatives, an unmatched full-bodied flavor (challenging the seltzer trend), and full transparency on display by listing ingredients and nutrition facts on each and every can. Oh, and it’s ready-to-drink, giving you more time to spend with old and new amigos.

Anita & Melanie

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